This product is a blend of naturally occurring bacteria with added enzymes, designed to overcome problems associated with slurry storage.

Slurry problems:

* Crusting
* Smell
* Flow rate
* Consistency
* Thichness
* Blockages
* Cost of handling
* Nitrogen losses

* Liquefies slurry for easier management.
* Reduces agitation, pumping & spreading times.
* Reduces fibrous crust formation.
* Reduces odours and emissions.
* Reduces leaf contamination by slurry solids.
* Better slurry & nutrient distribution.
* Increases Nitrogen retention.

I Kg of Slurry Inoculant will treat 200,000 litres of slurry.
Simply add the product when the tank is 1/3 full, a quick agitation.
Leave for 12 weeks and then spread.

Bacteriological Slurry Treatment

An aid to good management in all slurry systems

*  Reduced maintenance time and cost
*  Lower ammonia levels in buildings
*  More consistent slurry quality
*  Reduced plant burn
*  Improved soil structure
*  Reduced environmental pollution

Bacteria                       Enzymes
Bacillus subtilis             Amylase
Bacillus licheniformis     Protease
Bacillus megaterium      Lipase
Bacillus pumilus            Cellulase
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

Microbial activity: 2.5 x 108 cfu/g
Usage Rate – Store, Lagoon or Pit Capacity:
Standard Application : 1kg treats 44,000 galls / 200,000 litres
Problem Treatment : 1kg treats 11-22,000 gall / 50-100,000 litres

Usage rate depends on storage time. Increase the rate for periods of less than three months to allow effective treatment in less time.

NET WEIGHT: 1.0kgs (1kg)