Bactokil 55

A unique ready to use spray which is effective against orf in sheep and ringworm in cattle. Usually two or three sprays will see disorder improve.
Two of the most contagious skin infections in livestock farming are Ringwormand Orf, both of which can spread to humans on contact. Ringworm is a fungus, the spores of which can live on a farm in gates, troughs and buildings for years. BACTOKILL works by killing the fungus on the skin, spray to a run-o and all areas eectived should be sprayed. Care should be taken not to spray near animals eyes. Spray onto a sponge or cloth and dab near eyes. As the skin is soft and hairless around this area, animals usually show signs of the disorder here rest. It takes about 2 weeks before hair regrowth. ORF in sheep is a viral infection, effecting mostly lambs in the spring time as they have little or no immunity to the disorder. Bactokill can be sprayed onto the selected areas on a weekly basis until controlled.