Mastomint 1L

Mastomint Cool gel is a premium udder ointment and rub. It works by warming the skin and increasing blood flow to the infected area. Because the Mastitis infection causes swelling in the milk production cells (Aveolli) the natural blood flow is reduced.

Mastomint helps in providing heat stimulus to the effective area. The natural oils soften the hardened or swollen quarter and blood flow is enhanced in this area.

Rub 10ml after each milking into the affected area.
It is also highly effective in reducing swelling in joints and stressed muscles.

Because the natural flow of milk is downwards, making it difficult for antibiotics to reach infected areas, MASTOMINT helps the working of Mastitis Tubes by increasing the blood flow to these areas. MASTOMINT can be used with NOVAVET’s MASPREP TUBES which contain non-antibiotic Aloe gel.