CryptoClear is a must for all beef and dairy farms who are having difficulty rearing calves due to digestive upsets which result in the calves having loose dung (diarrhoea).

When a calf is born it will not have received any antibodies from its mother during its prenatal stage, arriving into the world defenceless.  It is during the first 14 days of life that most farms suffer their highest percentage of calf losses and the vast majority of these  are due to dehydration as a result of scour.

Using CryptoClear within the first 8 hours of the calves life can play a major role in supporting the baby calf and avoid digestive upsets.



    • Contains essential immunoproteins
    • Supports a healthy gut
    • Use within the 1st 8 hours of life
    • Support your calf from day one
    • Easy to use
    • Cost Effective
    • Makes calf rearing easier