What is SlurryCal?
Slurrycal is a dual purpose high pH lime blend for use in cubicles and livestock stalls. It is designed to provide high levels of protection against disease-causing bacteria in the cubicle and uniquely enhance the slurry.
Slurrycal has been developed in conjunction with several international technology companies to enhance the slurry when it is brushed down and mixed into the slurry tank/store.
Benefits of SlurryCal
Creates a homogenous slurry
Reduction in odours
Breakdown and prevention of crusting
Increased fertiliser value of slurry
Reduction in agitation costs
Promotes aerobic environment within slurry
High pH helps protect animals from disease and infection
How SlurryCal works
Slurrycal contains a proprietary blend of materials and trace elements that when combined and added to slurry encourages the growth of aerobic microorganisms.
Slurry treated with Slurrycal has an increased availability of nitrogen with a higher total fertiliser and trace element value that is more beneficial to soil and soil microorganisms.
Aerobic decomposition of slurry leads to a reduced level of gases and noxious odours. 
Moreover, agitation can be achieved much easier and with reduced costs.
Does using SlurryCal pay?
YES. One tonne of Slurrycal is sufficient to treat 80,000 gallons of slurry. Fertilizer value of treated slurry is increased by up to €12/1000 Gallons with agitation time reduced by up 75%
Directions for Use
• Stir, agitate and aerate product before use
• Directly apply on to cubicles after cleaning
• Use 350g per cubicle per day
• Store in a dry area and keep bags closed at all times
• Store away from high voltage
• See material safety data sheet
• Treated slurry is aerobic and therefore unsuitable for use in Anaerobic digesters.